Mercury Players’ 2014 Bartell Awards WINNERS

Best MusicalXanadu (Produced by Steve Noll, Bonnie Balke & Dana Pellebon)

Best DramaSkin Tight  (Produced by Bonnie Balke)

Overall Production of the Year:
Xanadu Produced by Steve Noll, Bonnie Balke & Dana Pellebon / Directed by Steve Noll

Featured Actor in a Drama: Jason Compton in Thornton Wilder & Companions          

Lead Actor in a Musical: Kurtis Hopp in Xanadu                                                         

Lead Actress in a Musical: Kelly Maxwell in Xanadu                                                                                    

Featured Actress in a Musical: Dana Pellebon in Xanadu

Lighting Design (Evjue): Steven M. Peterson for Skin Tight

Sound Design: Bonnie Balke for Xanadu

Choreography: Lyn Pilch for Xanadu

Music Director: Meghan Rose for Xanadu

Best Promotion: Xanadu trailer (Rob Matsushita, Iver Pictures)

Audience Favorite: Xanadu

Photos from Past Productions