Come play with us at the Bartell Theater in December!



An original, British-style holiday PANTO by Nick Schweitzer

Directed by Stephen F. Murray

What do you get when you combine a well-known fairy tale, silly song parodies, a cow, slapstick comedy, corny jokes, a touch of magic, and two wicked stepsisters–who are ­­played by men?

It’s a PANTO!

In Gadzooks! Cinderella! the “Wisconsin Shakespeare Players” have to perform a British-style holiday panto in order to make money. As they begrudgingly present the traditional fairy tale, they try to slip in some of the Bard’s most familiar lines and soliloquies – only to be reminded by the rest of the company: “this ain’t Shakespeare!” Cheering for the heroes and booing for the baddies is strongly encouraged in this family-friendly theatrical treat, which Mercury Players offers as a charming alternative to traditional American holiday fare.


Bring the whole family to the Bartell Theater, December 11–19, 2015!

Kids under 12: $10 / General Admission: $20 / Special $15 adult tickets on Sunday, December 13th @ 4pm and on Wednesday, December 16th @ 7:30pm.

To buy tickets for the Bartell shows, just click HERE.

(Special PREVIEW performances December 4–5 at Stoughton Village Players, 225 East Main Street, Stoughton WI. Proceeds from these two shows will benefit McFarland and Stoughton food pantries. For more information on the Stoughton benefit shows, please click HERE.)

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