Cast for THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW announced

OUT!Cast Theatre and Mercury Players are excited to announce the cast and crew of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW!

  • Katie Cass as Trixie, the Usherette 
  • Michael Costanzo as Brad Majors, the Hero
  • Katie Debs as Janet Weiss, the Heroine
  • Kurtis Hopp as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the Mad Scientist
  • Alex Van Handel as Rocky Horror, his Creation
  • Robert Helfinstine as Riff Raff, the Castle Butler
  • Holly Elsberry as Magenta, the Castle Maid
  • Alyson Barrett as Columbia, a Groupie
  • Britton Rea as Eddie, the Delivery Boy
  • Patrick Chounet as Dr. Everett Scott, a Rival Scientist
  • Jim Chiolino as The Criminologist
With the Transylvanians…

  • Kiki Moritsugu
  • Hannah Ripp-Dieter
  • Katie Mann
  • Alyssa Beasley
  • Adam DuVall
  • Kenneth Ingram, Jr.
  • Stephanie Frank
  • Ruel Mundth
Stage Direction by Steve Noll
Music Direction by Erin McConnell
Choreographed by Lyn Pilch
Costumes by Jenni Schwaner Ladd
Lighting Design by Tom Littrell
Set Design by Erin Baal
Props Design by Kathleen Tissot
Special Effect Props by Kirk Stantis
Video Technical Director: John Penisten
Produced by Steve Noll, Bonnie Balke and Deborah Hamill
Stage Manager: Jaz Campbell            Assistant Stage Manager: Jordan Rockman
Master Carpenter: Gretchen Wheat
Live Sound Mix: Bonnie Balke           Light Board Operator: Jane Schneider
An OUT!Cast Theatre Production in Partnership with Mercury Players Theatre
February 12–27, 2016
Don’t Dream It, SEE IT!
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Bonnie Balke has been president of Mercury Players Theatre in Madison, WI since May of 2007. She has worked as an actor, director, stage manager, musician, and producer for numerous shows and companies throughout the years.

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