Auditions for WIDESCREEN

Written and Directed by NED O’REILLY

Monday, August 11th @ 7 – 10pm
Tuesday, August 12th @ 7 – 10pm

Bartell Theatre, Drury Stage, 113 East Mifflin Street, Madison WI

PRODUCTION DATES: November 7 thru 22, 2014, on the Bartell’s Drury stage.

3 Roles are available:

  • GREG – Late 20s/early 30s, slightly off of handsome, a smart, corporate trainer with a weakness for Buster Posey and the hotel lounge (lead role)
  • TIFFANY – Mid- to late 20s, a hot, confident, fun-loving corporate trainer with an equal affinity for boy-toys and girl/girl shenanigans (lead role)
  • TROY – Early 20s, earnest and pretty, a Wisconsin boy-toy who can’t stop sexting and looks good in a Speedo (featured role with plenty to do in five scenes)

The play is very verbal (think Aaron Sorkin) and also very physical, including scenes of mature subject matter.  Come prepared to read from the script and meet a few physical challenges.  There will be no nudity at the initial audition.

Rehearsals will be a couple times a week in the second half of August and progress to four nights a week after Labor Day.

Walk-ins will be welcome, but signing up is better.  Contact the director to set an audition time or to find out more about the play:

Ned O’Reilly, 608-617-4917,

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Mercury Players Theatre’s Skin Tight paints an evocative picture of a couple’s complicated relationship

Skin Tight … is a collage of scenes from the courtship and marriage of the couple, Elizabeth and Tom, revisited in the final hours of Elizabeth’s life. … Instead of focusing on the couple as they are, stooped and wrinkled with age, with Elizabeth confined to her bed, the play features each person’s best self. Their youthful, powerful, vibrant bodies reenact essential moments from the past, translated into dance, wrestling matches, feverish embraces, and dangerous games of trust and betrayal. The simple, spare set, consisting of a metal washtub and two buckets, gives the actors plenty of room to play, and even engage in a raucous water fight as they proceed through this emotional minefield. MORE

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Auditions for Skin Tight

Skin Tight by Gary Henderson
Directed by Suzan Kurry

Sunday, March 9th @ 5pm
Monday, March 10th @ 6pm

Bartell Theatre, Evjue Stage

PRODUCTION DATES: May 9 thru 24, 2014, at the Bartell.

3 Roles are available:

  • 1 woman and 1 man, both youthful and fit, who will appear nude in the performance.
  • 1 man, very old, fully clothed.

The first hour each night will be a one-hour stage combat workshop with fight director / assistant director, Christopher Elst. Please come dressed to move as you would when working out: gym shoes (dry soles), track or yoga pants, no dangling jewelry, etc. Auditioners will then be asked to read selected scenes from the play.

Produced by Bonnie Balke – 608-695-5697 or

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