Xanadu photo gallery

Xanadu ran March 28 – April 12, 2014 on the Drury stage of the Bartell Theatre, 113 E. Mifflin Street in downtown Madison, WI.

The stage musical is based on the 1980 movie that combines roller-disco with “futuristic” music by the Electric Light Orchestra. The Broadway musical premiered in 2007 (Tony Award Nomination for Best Musical) and ran for two years.

Our stage production features all the songs from the movie, as well as a few surprise extras. And yes, the cast does perform on roller skates!


Producer/director: Steve Noll
Musical director: Meghan Rose


Kelly Maxwell as Clio (Kira)
Kurtis Hopp as Sonny Malone
Jim Chiolino as Danny Maguire
Dana Pellebon as Melpomene (an Evil Sister Muse)
Mallory Saurer as Calliope (an Evil Sister Muse)
Craig Alan Schlagel as Thalia (a Muse)
Jose Vega as Terpsicore (a Muse)
Shannon Keeling as Erato (a Muse)
Alex Ross as Medusa
Kiki Moritsugu as Hera
Amber McReynolds as Eros
Liz Chen in the Ensemble


REVIEW    Mercury Players and OUT!Cast Theatre turn Xanadu‘s sparkly ’80s kitsch into irony-tinged gold

by Laura Jones, The Daily Page

You may know Xanadu as the 1980 Olivia Newton-John movie featuring sparkly pop music, girls on roller skates and a hapless male lead in short-shorts. As of 2007, it’s also a musical that includes all of the film’s original songs, written by ELO, plus those trademark skates.

Unlike the movie, the musical is a parody of the big, jukebox extravaganzas that all but dominate Broadway these days. And while the film took itself too seriously, spawning the Razzies, Mercury Players and OUT!Cast Theatre bring a light, ironic touch to the play (through April 12 at the Bartell Theatre). The results are as candy-sweet as pop music itself.   MORE

PREVIEW   Xanadu: A Place Where Nobody Dared to Go

by Aaron Conklin, Madison Magazine

Some people look at Xanadu and see an embarrassing cheesebomb artifact of a decade well in our collective rearview mirrors. Steve Noll, local producer and founder of Out!Cast Theatre, looked at Xanadu and saw an opportunity for some fun.  “My friends are like, ‘It’s the worst piece of crap in the world,’” says Noll. “I get that. It’s a running joke.”

But a funny thing happened as Noll began to talk about trying to stage Douglas Carter Beane’s Tony-nominated 2007 musical version of Xanadu with his friends in the local theater community. He discovered that folks—like producer/actor Dana Pellebon, music producer Meghan Rose and choreographer Lyn Pilch—were actually rabid fans.  “It’s like there’s this secret Xanadu society,” says Noll, who first caught the musical  on Broadway on a trip to New York. MORE

PREVIEW   Rollin’ back to the ’80s: Cult classic ‘Xanadu’ skates onto the Bartell stage

by Lindsay Christians, 77 Square

The first time Meghan Rose watched the movie “Xanadu” she thought, “This is the craziest, weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. The second time, I thought oh my god, Olivia Newton-John is, like, awesome. The third time I thought, this music is killer!”

So convinced, Rose agreed to music direct the musical theater version of “Xanadu,” a Broadway hit in 2007, for OUT!Cast Theatre and Mercury Players Theatre. The musical opens at the Bartell Theatre on Friday for a three-weekend run through April 12. MORE